What is the Impact of the Government “Shutdown Showdown” on Immigration Reform?

The aftermath of the "Shutdown Showdown" surrounding the debt crisis might have created some hard feelings between the House Republicans and Democrats. Logically, there would have to be a cooling off period to allow both sides to regroup, and to allow House Republicans to lick their wounds from having to sign a bill to end the government shutdown with little concession from the Democratic party. Despite President Obama's desire to revive the issue of comprehensive immigration reform before the end of the year--will he get cooperation from the House Republicans on this hot topic? Or will the aftermath of the "Shutdown Showdown" lead to more of an impasse on this issue and unwillingness to cooperate across party lines? [credits to Associate Press; NBC Politics]2013-10-08t211336z_1970588826_gm1e9a90e9401_rtrmadp_3_usa-immigration.photoblog600