Undocumented Immigrants and Legal Permanent Residents are Required to File Income Tax Returns Too!

Unknown It might sound strange that an undocumented immigrant must file a tax return, but this is required by the laws of the United States.* This is applicable even if you are working "off the books" and receiving your income in cash. Undocumented immigrants can file a tax return without a social security number by obtaining an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). An ITIN can be obtained by filing a form W-7 with your initial tax return. Now one may ask, why bother? Well, a good reason to consider is that if immigration reform eventually comes to fruition, Immigration will likely request not only proof of presence in the United States, but also proof that you have been working. Filing regular tax returns provides excellent proof of these likely requirements. Legal permanent residents are also required by law to file tax returns.* This is especially important if you are considering obtaining citizenship at some point in the future. United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will ask for proof of your tax filings. *Please note whether to file a tax return and whether you must pay taxes is dependent on the income you earn. Please consult IRS.gov if you have further questions in this matter. credits due to associated press and nydailynews.com