Don’t be Defrauded While Waiting for Immigration Reform–Get Your Documents and Records in Order

Despite immigration reform taking a back seat in Congress for the time being, unscrupulous practices geared towards defrauding immigrants are running rampant. Notarios and even licensed attorney have begun taking money from immigrants for a immigration reform that has yet to pass. In fact, California has taken action by passing a bill to ban the practice of charging fees for services related to immigration reform before the bill is passed by Congress. In the meantime, for foreign nationals, it is recommended that they get their documents in order--i.e. documentation to show proof of U.S. residency. It also might not be a bad idea to have background checks done to be prepared for any obstacles that might make attaining a future benefit (when immigration reform does come to pass) more difficult. [credit to AP; "Immigrants Prepare for Reform, Beware of Fraud"--ABC News]