Does an Immigration Attorney Improve Your Chances of Becoming a Citizen?

The process of immigration is complex, and many people struggle to understand exactly what to do to ensure approval of citizenship in the U.S. So many people think they know exactly how to interpret the immigration laws, but the laws change on a regular basis and can be deceiving. Many end up in trouble when they rely on information from friends and relatives rather than consulting with an immigration attorney. New Jersey is a state that has numerous people who relocate from abroad and eventually want to obtain citizenship. An immigration attorney in New Jersey can evaluate your situation and help you take the correct steps to gain your citizenship.

Hire an Attorney to Avoid Problems

You basically get one chance to become a citizen. If you try to do it alone, you could end up derailing the process and ruining your chances of gaining citizenship. With an immigration attorney, NJ residents who need to gain citizenship have a better chance of being approved than someone who tries to do it alone. Because the immigration law changes so often, there are always problems or issues that could arise and stall the process. A law office that remains dedicated to immigration law will know when the laws change and can help you avoid hitting walls that prevent your application from being approved.

Get Help with the Appeals Process

If you tried to navigate the legal process of citizenship and immigration and were denied, then you definitely need to hire a NJ immigration attorney who can help you with the appeals process. Receiving a denial does not mean that you don't have options. You can possibly file an appeal and have another immigration professional review your case and decide if the original denial was warranted or not. If you're still denied, then you can go before the federal courts for a decision.


While there is no attorney that can promise you guaranteed citizenship, the benefits of using an immigration lawyer far outweigh the costs associated with hiring a lawyer. There is so much paperwork involved, and issues may arise for almost anyone seeking a green card or trying to obtain citizenship. Hiring an attorney is one way to improve your chances of being approved and acquiring the citizenship you desire.