Did You Know That You Can Be Denied Admission for Failure to Pay Previous Medical Costs Incurred on a Prior Visit to the U.S.?

thI had a potential client contact me the other day at 1 o'clock in the morning! This lady was really upset because her relative was being held at a nearby airport by Customs and Border Protection. She told me that they called her, since she was her relative's emergency contact, and informed her that the reason for the holdup was the issue of "unpaid medical bills". Upon further conversation with this lady, I was told that her relative, on a prior stay in the U.S. on a visitor's visa, gave birth to a child in a hospital, and accrued medical costs that had not been fully satisfied as of the date she sought reentry to the U.S. After the birth of her child, she went back to her country, and a few months later, sought admission again using her visitor's visa. Ultimately, this person was denied entry to the U.S. In this instance, a determination was made, by the CBP officer at the point of entry, that this person was inadmissible as a public charge. Therefore, she was expeditiously removed. Those facing Expedited Removal DO NOT have a right to counsel or to a hearing before an immigration judge. Further, this determination may result in a 5 year BAN on readmission. Do not let this nightmare happen to you or someone you love. Contact me if you have concerns about outstanding debt accrued in the U.S. on a prior visit BEFORE you return to the U.S. This is an issue we are seeing more often lately. The remedy for this type of situation is a fairly narrow one that will require professional legal assistance.