Countless Deportation Cases Affected by U.S. Immigration Courts’ Broken Computer Servers

Recently, I noticed that when I would contact the immigration courts, the clerks would tell me that they could not access any information and that the system was down. One clerk told me that they expected the system to be up and running in a week. (that was a week ago). Even the immigration courts’ 1-800 number, 1-800-898-7180, allows you to input the A-number, but then indicates that the system is down and that they are not able to process your request. Apparently I am not the only one! As it turns out, a nationwide computer network, which houses all the electronic records pertaining to immigration court proceedings, is down due to broken servers. This has resulted in a tremendous backlog of cases, inability to update official records, and having to resort to the good old-fashioned pen and paper. A spokesperson for the Executive Office for Immigration Review noted, interestingly enough, “EOIR is not making any decisions regarding the release of detainees outside of normal court proceedings.” I would be curious to know when the servers will be fixed and what type of fallout will take place because of the delays in processing. Credits for this article are due in part to the Associated Press.image